Cape Enrage

On our way to Hopewell Rocks we stopped at Cape Enrage. There had been a discussion about having lunch at the cafe in the old lighthouse keepers house but mostly we went there to hunt fossils in the rocks.

Both the fossils and the lunch were way better than expected!


Hoodoos at Hopewell

One of the best places to appreciate the Bay of Fundy high tides is at Hopewell Rocks. They really are hoodoos on the coast! When the tide is out, you can walk around the base of the rocks. When the tide is in, you can kayak around the islands that are the tops of the rocks.



Fundy National Park

We are in a parking lot at Walmart near Halifax. We had dinner in Lunenburg (which was really lovely!) and got in late. We will head to a campground later today and stay in the area for a few days.

I’m going to try and load some pictures from Fundy. It was a nice Park but not exactly what I expected from a National Park. We did have pretty good wifi at the campground and everyone working there was very nice. The shoreline was pretty but not as grand as Acadia. Still, it was a great place to spend a few nights, do some hiking, take a day trip to Hopewell Rocks and wait out “Andrew.”




Campobello Island

I can't believe how far behind I am in posting and we are only two weeks into this trip! We have already left New Brunswick and are cruising around Nova Scotia as I write this.

Our first stop in Canada was Campobello Island – the summer home of FDR. You can't get to the rest of Canada from there so we went back into the states, stopped at the eastern-most point in the US and then went back into Canada at St. Stephen.

We stopped in St. Stephen long enough to tour the chocolate “factory” and eat a lot of chocolate. We continued along the coast to St. Andrews. Alan and I toured the Ross Memorial Museum and then we all met up to explore the Blockhouse. Canada Day meant all the camping in the area was full so we kept driving and spent the night further along Route 1 at the New River Beach Provincial Park.

We spent Canada Day driving with a few scenic stops along the way.

We got into Fundy National Park in time for Brian and Will to see the fireworks in neaby Alma. (We are far enough north that it stays light very late and I couldn't stay awake!) We enjoyed a few days of hiking at Fundy along with a day trip to Cape Enrage and Hopewell Rocks and then we waited out “Andrew”.



More Acadia

On our second day in Acadia we got the bikes off the roof of the truck and took a Park bus into Bar Harbor. We road around the town for a bit, had a fantastic lunch at Side Street Cafe and then headed for the Carriage Roads.

The weather was perfect. We had a really fun day and ended up riding about 25 miles. You can tell Alan was having a good time because he stopped and actually posed for this picture!

We loved the carriage roads so much that we scheduled a long run before we left so we could get out on them again. I would volunteer at this Park just to have the opportunity to run on the Carriage Roads every day!


There are close to 20 of these beautfiul stone bridges all along the Carriage Roads.


The next day was overcast but we headed out for another hike, this time up the coast. We drove to the closest Parking Lot – Otter Point and just walked North until we got to Bar Harbor. The bus brought us back to our car later that day. The bus system in this Park is really terrific.


I could of sat on these rocks for hours on a sunny day just watching the waves. We saw people doing just that later in the week!

There were tide pools to play in but I never did find a sea urchin. The creatures that live in the little barnacles were out waving in some places!


We had lunch overlooking Sand Beach. There were only a few people here this day.

Large parts of Acadia are still private property. There are a lot of beautiful “cottages” but this one may have the best view!


Brian and Will met us here. Next stop: Canada!



Acadia, Amazing Acadia!

I still have a few small blogposts to finish from our time at Prince William Forest Park but I really wanted to share the first of my pictures from Acadia National Park in Maine.

We are, as anyone who has even briefly perused this blog knows, huge fans of the National Parks in the US. At first, I was thinking that Acadia might be a bit of a disappointment. We went straight to Blackwoods Campground where we had reservations with only a few quick glimpses of the water. (The campground was the same as all the other NP campgrounds – crowded with small sites. That wasn't surprising or unexpected.) I went to bed wondering if this Park was actually worthy of the National Park designation.

First thing the next morning we headed out on the only trail accessible from the campground – the Southride Trail to Cadillac Mountain. It was a beautiful day and the hiking was lovely – scenic, well-marked forest trail, little, if any garbage around, and friendly hikers.

The views at the top of Cadillac Mountain (the highest point on Acadia) were spectacular and well worth the hike! This is what a National Park should look like!


There were a lot of people at the top (with a snackbar/gift shop) but that was because you can drive to the top. We found a quiet place for lunch and then headed back down the other side of the “mountain”. It was a bit steep coming down in some places but then we came to one of the several sets of stairs that were paid for by wealthy donors years ago.

You could even get your name carved in stone if you paid for one of the these grand (and very well built!) trails.

I think the stair trails are super cool and I would have loved to hike them all – up and down!

I'm not sure if it was on the way up or down, but I made Alan wait for 10 minutes while we listened to the frogs that were living in this pond. I recorded them – maybe I will figure out how to embed the sound in this post.

The views on the way down the other side of the mountain were pretty amazing as well.

Day 1 done. Only 5 more to go …


How Many Pictures of the Smithsonian Institute Can One Person Take?

Our first visit to Washington, DC started at the Smithsonian Institute. There are a lot of buildings that make up the various parts of the museum. It turned out that over our several trips into the city, I took a number of pictures of the main building of the Smithsonian – the Castle. We never did get a tour of the building, despite waiting for about 10 minutes and then giving up on the tour guide.

Including the lego version:


We made the Air and Space Museum a priority. We have toured a lot of Air and Space Museums over the years, so I am not bothering to post a bunch of pictures of the various exhibits. There were two highlights of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum:

1. Did you know that the solid rocket boosters on the space shuttle were shaped like this to acheive maximum burn efficiency?

2. There was an exhibit of photographs sent back from the mars rovers. I didn't take any pictures of the pictures but I thought the photos of mars were amazing. Check them out if you ever have the opportunity!

We are in Canada now at the Fundy National Park. Amazingly, the have excellent wifi at the campground so I'm catching up on some blog posts. We will be staying here for a few days and then on to Nova Scotia.