Mustang Island

cropped-sea-gullWhile staying at Lake Corpus Christi, we took a drive out to Mustang Island to visit the beach and do a little geocaching. It was overcast that day but we saw some interesting things – although I’m not sure what they all were!









On the road on our trip to South Texas, we stopped at a road-side picnic area and before we could even get out of the car, all of these goats came running up.  I’m glad there was a fence between us – they looked like they were going to charge us!  Well, I guess they don’t look too fierce here:


South Texas

As soon as the Bear Creek Quilt Guild was over, we headed out on our first trip of 2008.  We had a three-lake itinerary:

  • Falcon Reservoir
  • Lake Corpus Christi
  • Summerville Lake

falcon-birds1Falcon Reservoir is right on the border of Mexico.  Actually, the border runs right up the middle of the lake.  A lot of people come visit this location especially to see the migratory birds. (I missed getting photos of some of the more interesting characters who were “birding”.)  I got one interesting photo of a bird.







pan-059Lake Corpus Christi was okay.  It had a lot of day use and part of the Park campgrounds were closed off and abandoned.  The most interesting thing about Lake Corpus Christi were the Collared Peccaries.  Our neighbor warned us as soon as we got there not to leave anything out because of the Javelinas but we had never seen one before.  Little did we know that they would spend most of the time in our campsite (along with a few deer)!   







The campground at Summerville Lake was terrific.  We were right on the water and Alan did a lot of fishing and he actually caught something!