We drove into the town of Carlsbad our first day here (we are staying closer to the Caverns in White City). As we were driving down the “main drag” we saw this place and both Alan and I swore it must be the model for Luigi’s Tire Center in the Cars movie. I made Alan drive back and park across the street so we could get a picture.


There was also a Quilt Shop in town. I just spent a short time there while Alan wandered around, but I did find some interesting fabric. There is a lot of southwest-style fabric available here. I’m planning on collecting fat quarters from each of the Shops I visit and making a quilt when I get home. I had hoped they would have something showing the Carlsbad Caverns, but I ended up with generic kitschy looking southwest fabric.


We are off to the Carlsbad Caverns tomorrow and then we’ll probably spend a day hiking in the Guadalupe National Park before continuing our Sunny Southwest Trek.

2 thoughts on “Luigi’s

  1. Maureen, What a great way to keep trak of your travels. It does look like Luigi’s Tire Center. Thanks for sharing your blog with us. Janice

  2. I was just wondering this afternoon where in the world Al & Reen were! We stopped at Monahan’s on our way to Carlsbad also, a few years ago. A unique place to visit. JoAnne

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