Silver City

After a quick trip to the local Urgent Care facility (for my annual UTI), we took the time to cruise around downtown Silver City. There is a Quilt Shop here, two bike shops, and a brewery. The whole place was pretty interesting – I would call it a bit bohemian. There were a lot of art “galleries” mixed in with junk shops and one pretty serious-looking biker bar. We had a nice stroll but we won’t be putting Silver City on our list of potential retirement cities.

The Thunder Creek Quilt Shop was one of the most unique I’ve ever seen – it was half quilt shop and half junk shop. There were selling used furniture and other old household items like you would see at a garage sale. The fabric selection was pretty good, but not cheap. Most fabric was about $8.50/yard. I bought a couple more novelty fabrics to use in my Sunny Southwest quilt.

We decided to check out some of the local cuisine. We had planned on eating at the brewery but they only had pizza so we headed for Blake’s Lotta Burger. We’ve been seeing them since we got into New Mexico. The place had a fifties-look and the burgers were pretty good. Alan still thinks that In and Out Burger is better. We’re hoping they have made it out of California and we’ll find one in Arizona.

We still have laundry to do and we haven’t gotten to the Gila Cliff Dwellings yet so we’ll be here for a couple more days and then we are heading on to Tucson.

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