The Most Bizarre Quilt Shop

Besides being home to a Mission and a Missile Silo Museum, the desert South of Tucson is also home to two quilt shops (and a lot of “active adults” – we actually saw a woman riding into the grocery store parking lot on her “hover-round”.)

The first was what you might expect, a small building tucked out of the way in a quasi-industrial/commercial area. They had a wide selection of Southwest fabrics and patterns. Alan almost wouldn’t let me get out of the car at the the second one! It was in a double-wide mobile home without any real sign (there was something in the window) and a couple of storage containers parked outside on the dirt lot.

I took a peak in and I could see fabric, so I went in despite my doubts. Well, this place was unbelievable. I am not exaggerating – all of the rooms were packed solid with so much fabric that there was only a narrow path to make your way around. Few samples, not many notions, no books – just piles and piles of fabric.

Plus, I’m pretty sure that the owner and her husband were living in one room in the back! My Quilter’s Travel Companion book says they are only open two days a week in the summer, unless you call for an appointment.

I would have thought under the circumstances with such low overhead the fabric would have been cheap – but it wasn’t. Although, she did have flat folds that she was selling for less than $4/yard.

I bought a package of silk-screened Southwest images for a table runner or wall hanging and took everything she had on one bolt of a Southwest print to go with them. The lady (who was very nice) made a comment about that being great because now they had a new inch of free space to fill up!

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