Leaving Tucson

Our last full day in Tucson, we headed down town and visited the University of Arizona and the Center for Creative Photography. The campus looked like most others we’ve seen (although of course not with beautiful old brick buildings and climbing ivy like RPI.)

Ansel Adams donated all of his personal collection to the University and the Center has other significant works. They did a nice job with an interesting exhibit.

We did also check out the Tucson Mall which was much nicer inside that it looked from the outside. I had to buy new brown sandals (again) because Alan insists on stepping on the back of my feet whenever I wear brown sandals and they tear before they wear out. The mall was packed – it doesn’t look like the economy is hurting in this part of the country.

Overall, we really loved Tucson. The whole desert atmosphere appeals to me and I can really get into the Pueblo-style architecture. No lawns to take care of here. We extended our stay to six nights even though we thought at first we’d only be here for three nights. The Catalina State Park was great. It had very nice, clean showers with big sites.

Alan is pretty convinced this is where he wants to move to when we “retire”. I think we might come back in January for a month. They are having their Quilt Show then and we can see how the City feels in the winter.

Our main problem was deciding where to go next. We thought we would head to Phoenix and spend five nights there to see the whole city, but after going through both the AAA Guide and the Rough Guide, we thought the better of it. There wasn’t anything we really wanted to see.

To make matters worse, there wasn’t any nearby State Parks and all of the other RV Parks had “age restrictions may apply”. We would have had to call around all over to see who lifted their age restrictions in the summer!

In the end we decided to just bypass Phoenix and we headed towards the Colorado River and Lake Havasu.


The morning we were scheduled to leave Tucson we got woken up before eight in the morning by some strange banging on the side of the trailer. We had no idea what was going on! Alan went into the bathroom and realized that a lunatic cardinal (at least that is what we think it was) was dive bombing our window over and over again. The window is black from the outside and their really wasn’t any reflection so something strange was going definitely going on with this bird and we have the pictures to prove it!

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