Down Time

We’ve been on the road now for more than three weeks and we only had two-days when we didn’t do anything, so we figured a State Park along the Colorado River was just the place to hang-out and relax.

The Park is okay – it is really only here because of the river. They have a boat ramp and a lot of day-use areas. We are South of Lake Havasu in Parker. The peak season doesn’t start until Memorial Day so the park is pretty much empty. We took a spot in the back up against the hills. I spent yesterday sewing and reading.

Today after a trip up to Lake Havasu to see London Bridge and have a beer at the local brew pub, Alan spent the day cooking a pork butt (which he tells me is not really a butt) on the BBQ.

Alan dropped me at a Quilt Shop in Lake Havasu while he ran for a few groceries. I asked them about a novelty print that would be representative of the area and they came up with beads. Apparently, over most holiday weekends there are large crowds of “young women” who expose their breasts in exchange for plastic beads – just like in New Orleans. She said all of the local grocery stores even sell the beads despite the fact that they don’t try to encourage it and the police do bother to arrest a few people for indecent exposure.

Even though Alan started talking about staying until Memorial Day after hearing this, tomorrow we are heading towards Flagstaff and then on to the Grand Canyon.

One thought on “Down Time

  1. Have I told you my flasher story? Remind me when you get back to TX…a novel idea…flashing for beads. Miss you!

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