Scrapbook Versus Blog

I’ve been struggling a bit with the notion that this is actually more of a Scrapbook documenting our trip than a Blog in the “traditional” sense (as if you can even talk about traditions in blogging).

The problem is that this Google format doesn’t really lend itself well for a Scrapbook. I can’t post pictures easily and it looks like even though I’m being very selective in the photos I do put up, I might just run out of allotted space before we get home. I may have to look into other options.

In the mean time, I am going to take the time to post a bit more blog-like commentary. The only problem is that we don’t visit ice cream shops very often which is what my dear brother-in-law seems to post about a lot (love ya’ Brian!)

Send any feedback on content you like. I do still have the site moderated which means the comments don’t get posted until I log on and clear them! (I will probably take that off soon since it doesn’t seem like we are having Internet access as regularly as we thought.)

2 thoughts on “Scrapbook Versus Blog

  1. There a so many place to put pictures and you can always just put them in your posts with image tags or with slideshows although it makes it less of scrapbook format with slideshows.

    you should have done LJ you can add pictures easily

  2. I almost went with LJ, but Google was just so easy to get started – fewer choices and less decisions to make. I could just start posting my photos on Kodak or Shutterfly and sharing them – but I’ll have to start editing. We seem to take way too many pictures!

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