North to the Grand Canyon

We left Flagstaff after picking up our new tire at Discount Tire. Things couldn’t have gone better. As we pulled into the parking lot, the FedEx truck that was bringing our tire from another store drove up. Everything went without a hitch and we headed north to the Grand Canyon.

We stopped at the Museum of Northern Arizona on our way out of town. It had nice, diverse exhibits ranging from the geology of Northern Arizona to the Native Americans that occupied the area. They also had a big display about a Therizinosaur dinosaur that was discovered in the Utah desert in what was supposedly a prehistoric ocean. The big myserty is that the Therizinosaur is a land dinosaur and they don’t really know how it ended up in the middle of the ocean.

They day before we had checked out the Riordan Mansion. It it actually a duplex that was built in 1904 in the craftsman style for two brothers who had married sisters. They had several nice examples of Stickley furniture.

The Grand Canyon National Park was suprisingly crowded. We arrived late in the day during what we thought was the pre-peak season and there were a lot of people around. Once we got to the RV Park, we walked out to the Rim and enjoyed the view.

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