Petrified Forest

We headed out today to visit the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert National Parks. The weather was great except for the 40 mph winds! I’m not sure if these photos are as good as up-close flowers, but I still took a lot of them.

Here is Alan standing on “Old Faithful” one of the bigger specimens that still had part of the root structure. It was named by the wife of the first park Superintendent and is estimated to weigh approximately 44 tons.

We did venture out on one of the longer trails – Long Logs named because of the 100 ft logs that were in the area. That is Alan sitting at the end of one long log. It is in several pieces but it is clearly one log.

There were also several pueblos in the Park. This one was built out of petrified logs. Alan was trying to get out of the wind.

We have seen petroglyphs at several other locations, but these were the best we’ve seen so far. You couldn’t get up close, but there were several good viewing points. I particularly liked the picture of what looks like a bird carrying off a baby. I’m not sure how the native Americans would explain that one?!

The views were terrific throughout the park even though we could barely hold onto the car doors whenever we got out.

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