Albuquerque Balloon Museum

Today was our first full day in Albuquerque – we headed out to see the Balloon Museum. The big Balloon Festival isn’t until the fall, but we got a nice exposure to the whole thing at the Museum.










Did you know that the French were the first to fly a balloon? They didn’t want to risk any people so instead, they put animals in the basket – a lamb, a rooster and something else we can’t remember! We also learned that there is unique weather and geography that makes Albuquerque ideal for ballooning.


Alan posed for this great “action” photo in a real gondola. (You might not recognize him since he hasn’t had a hair cut since we left home in the middle of April. He keeps looking for a “real” barber shop, but hasn’t found one that meets his standards (has to have a striped poll and be called only a “Barber Shop”.)

There is one balloon that is made to look like a quilt. I couldn’t resist taking a photo.
We spent the rest of the day driving around visiting quilt shops, bike shops, one woodworking store. We did eat lunch at a place called Murphy’s Mule Barn and Cafe. It was pretty good even though it didn’t look like much!

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