Sandia Tramway

Today we took the Tram to the top of the Sandia Mountains and hiked the South Crest and La Luz Trails. We only walked about five miles, but it was pretty diverse and there were a few interesting milestones – like the Kiwanis Cabin and the Sandia Crest (10,678 feet).
Of course, we saw people “hiking” in flip flops and a couple starting down the 8 mile La Luz Trail at three in the afternoon with only two small water bottles! I’m sure they were going to be fine, but it wasn’t going to be much fun by the time they were finished. Someday, we will have to come back and do the 4,000 feet climb to the top and then take the Tram back down. (Yes, that is snow in the picture with Alan which of course he did make into a snowball and throw at me, at least half-heartedly!)
The Kiwanis Cabin was pretty cool. It was built buy the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp.) in the 1930’s. We’ve seen a lot of CCC work in all of the State and National Parks we’ve visited. They also built a lot of the Trails. The interesting thing is that when you see photos of the CCC men (and boys), they are often smiling. You didn’t usually see people smiling in photos back then, but I guess these guys were just really happy to be working and have a job.
The Tram ride was pretty cool and the views from the top were pretty awesome (including the antennas at the Crest). It is supposedly the longest tram and it has only two towers. We’re going to have to start hunting down Trams all around the country to visit! Maybe we’ll get to see more maintenance guys riding on the top of the Tram on the way down!

We’re off tomorrow to our last stop – Caprock State Park. I’m sure we won’t have Internet access there, so this will probably be my last post until we get home.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that we also went to CostCo today? We couldn’t make it nine whole weeks without going in a CostCo. There wasn’t much to buy, except lunch meat and bottled water. We don’t really have the room for any other bulk items – they’ll have to wait until we’re home.

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