Planning Again

  We’ve got about a month between when we get back from a non-airstream vacation (nicely provided by my in-laws) and when we have to be home again.  We think at this point we are going to head off towards the East and go to Arkansas.  We have between three and four weeks.  This may give us enough time to make it into Tennessee for a bit. 

We’ll have to come up with a name for this adventure.  Alan thinks we should wait until we get home to give the trip an official name.  We called our last trip “Sunny Southwest” but by the time we got home we thought High Dessert Drive might have been better since we did spend our entire time in the high dessert.  Suggestions are always welcome! 

Alan has spent our time at home building a “technology storage bin”.  We take our laptops and cell phones along and they end up taking up a lot of very valuable space and we are always pushing around charging cords.  This unit will go under the small corner table.  He’s also built a small drawer for the same area.  There really isn’t any place to just put some paper and a pencil in our little 23′ Airstream.  My job was to sew up a couple of fabric sleeves for foam to keep the laptops snuggly in their slots.  I’ve done them in Muslin for now, but I’ll remake them when we get back in fabric that matches the rest of the decor.   I’ll take pictures and post them when he installs the unit next week.  It really is pretty cool and well designed!

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