Cedar Lake – Oauchita National Forest

We’ve arrived at the Cedar Lake Campground in the Oauchita (wash-i-taw) National Forest. This is the first time we’ve left home without reservations at our first destination. I did call the campground when we were still about an hour out to confirm that there was space available. Turns out the campground is practically empty.

The park is pretty nice. The restrooms were clean and the whole area is heavily wooded. We disturbed a family of deer as we were setting up camp. We’ll probably stay here two nights and then head into Arkansas.

Alan and I have agreed to take turns picking our next destination. It isn’t an easy job (too many choices with relatively limited info) and he’s had to do it on most of our trips. I picked this campground – partially because it was at the end of a scenic drive and the park sounded good with the Lake and some hiking. Unfortunately, no cell service so I won’t be posting this for a few days.

Here is another fine action shot of Alan. I’m still trying to get the hang of the camera on my iPhone.

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