iPhone Enabled

I’ve taken the Apple Kool Aid and bought an iPhone. It is so cool – I’m totally hooked! There are some practical applications that I’m using to justify a somewhat frivolous purchase – I can check my email and post to our Blog remotely.

It took us longer than normal to get on the road to Arkansas (really just Oklahoma for our first night) this morning. We had completely emptied the trailer and there were some minor repairs to be done. Here’s a real action shot of Alan driving.

One thought on “iPhone Enabled

  1. Sorry I didn’t get my iphone review to you in time.. but it is mostly positive. I get the keyboard pause/lag problem now and then but think the update that came out today might fix it.

    Enjoy the trip, look forward to your posts.

    Started looking at trucks to pull our future Airsteam online this week. If you and Al have any recommendations drop me an email.

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