It’s Hot!

I’m not talking about the weather this time. We headed over to the Hot Springs National Park after getting settled at the KOA. I knew that the springs were called “hot” but I wasn’t expecting it to be that hot. There is water bubbling up everywhere in nice fountains. We strolled along the Promenade and saw the original bath houses. Only one is still operating. Another has been turned into the Park Visitor center.

While sitting on the porch of the Visitor Center, Alan used my iPhone to look up the Road Food website and see if there were any notable eateries in the area. He found McClard’s BBQ. It turns out that we had already passed it driving through town. I’m not sure would have stopped without a referral. It was everything the site said – great pork ribs and an excellent tamale plate (tamale, chopped pork, fritos, beans, BBQ sauce, cheese all in a big pile). The place was packed. We may just go back before we leave for a chopped pork sandwich.

Back at our campsight we start chatting with our neighbor and find out they are from Keller, TX. We are always running into people who live right around the corner from us when we are on the road thousands of miles from home.

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