Mid-America Science Museum

We didn’t know it before seeing a poster yesterday, but the Mid-America Science Museum has the Our Body:  The Universe Within exhbit.  We were thinking about checking out the museum anyway, but this made the decision easy.  We’ve been wanting to see it since it was in Fort Worth last year.  (For those of you that don’t know what I’m referring to, you can go to:  http://www.ourbodytheuniversewithin.com/index.html )

It turns out that the exhibit is not the same everywhere.  This one seemed tilted towards the science side as opposed to the “art” end.  There weren’t any unusual body posses like I think they may have used at other museums.  Mid-America is also a relatively small museum, so they may not have had room for everything.  We really enjoyed it, though.  It can gross you out if you think about the fact that they are real bodies for too long!  There were also some pretty ugly-looking displays with cancerous organs – made me want to go home and exercise and eat better! 

There was also a “grossology” exhbit.  It was all about the gross aspects of various bodily functions (think snot and farts.)  The kids were loving it.  I did also catch Alan stopping at one of the displays:

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