A View from Above


We were going to go on a bike ride or hike today, but it was threatening to rain all day.  Instead we headed up the Hot Springs Mountain Tower for a view from above.  There has been an observation tower at the top of Hot Springs Mountain since the late 1800’s.  The previous ones burned down (there were a lot of fires in Hot Springs during the early years.)  This Tower was built in 1983.  We made up for not hiking by taking the stairs up the 216 feet.

It was a bit overcast so we didn’t really get any great photos.  These two show either end of the downtown historical district.  We did watch a video about Bill Clinton that was playing on the observation deck and learned that he also likes McClard’s BBQ (he grew up in Hot Springs) and his favorite waitress was the women that served us!  She was already old in the video and she was really old when she waited on us!  We kind of felt bad that she came back so many times to refill our iced tea (she was that old but the service was good).

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