While this is a very nice campground, we still had to do a little clean-up at the campsite. We always try and leave the places where we’ve camped better than we found them. This is a list of some of the things I picked up today:

Plug cut off with part of the cord attached.
Several bread ties.
Cut-off wire ties.
Old-fashioned pull tabs from a can.
Tabs from new cans.
Lots of cigarette butts.
Various pieces of plastic torn off from packages.
Aluminum foil remnants.
Rubber bands.
Bones (including what looked like scapula from an unknown source.)
More cigarette butts.
Braided rope remnant.
Duck tape.
Leather or rawhide laces.

All of these were relatively small pieces. There wasn’t anything really big and ugly around. I did fill up part of the garbage pail, though.

Alan is getting ready to BBQ sausage on his new Cobb grill. He’s been looking for a new grill that would pack up easier for some time and he found a Cobb in Tuesday Morning (where he was shopping without me) for a pretty good price. They use only a small amount of charcoal and are quite compact.

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