Hiking at Petit Jean

We have a good Internet connection here at the Lodge at Mt. Magazine State Park (and it’s only a short drive from the Camp Ground) so I thought I would post some pictures and more about our hiking in Petit Jean on the 12th.  This is a very nice Lodge with a great view – practically brand new.  The cabins that are associated with the Lodge are sitting right on the side of the mountain with balconies. 

We took our one nice day with decent weather at Petit Jean State Park to see as much as we could.  We did a whole bunch of short hikes that lead to interesting destinations.  There were two separate overlooks where you could see the famous Cedar Falls.  We hiked to both.  These are supposedly the largest falls in Arkansas at 90′ and the most photographed location in Arkansas.


Then we took the hike down to the bottom.  It was a very pleasant (not at all buggy) and interesting hike with picturesque streams. 


On the way down a branch did almost fall and hit me on the head.  It fell when we were maybe 10 feet past the tree.  I practically jumped out of my skin.  It was probably already dead and just caught in the tree before it decided I looked like a good target.

We had the falls all to ourselves.  It was really quite lovely and peaceful.  I’m not sure the falls were really 90′ though.  As we sat on a rock next to the pond, my water bottle lid slid down into the water and before we knew what was going on a fish leaped up and snatched it.  He finally let it go a few feet away and I had to fish it out of the water.  Alan then spent the next half hour trying to get the fish to lunge at various sticks and leaves he threw into the water!   

We also drove around to a few of the scenic Overlooks.  At Mary Ann Richter Overlook the view was pretty spectacular, except for some haze blocking our view of what I think were the Ozarks.  The dragon flies were just everywhere.  There were thousands buzzing around.  They would show up randomly in my scenery shots.  Here was the best picture I got of the masses. 


I also spotted a couple of vultures hanging out in a tree as we were leaving the Overlook. 

There were also a lot of cool rock formations, including Rock House Cave and Bear Cave.  Rock House Cave had some petroglyphys. They weren’t easy to find.  Alan had to scan the ceiling carefully before we found any of them and we still didn’t locate all of the ones that the Park said were there. 


They also had these rocks, they called turtle rocks that looked like a whole bunch of turtle shells side-by-side. 

At Bear Cave, you could hike over the rock formations.  Here I am after climbing down.  You could spend all day just scrambling over the rock formations.  Supposedly, a Bear did live in the area at one time, but it is long gone. 

We never saw the Lake until our last day as we were driving out.  It would have been a nice place to fish if we were staying.  We did have a mildly unpleasant experience as we left when the Park dump backed-up.  It was pretty ugly, but the Park sent maintenance out right away to clean it up.  I especially liked this Park.  There were numerous CCC Structures including a Lodge.  We might just have to come back and stay longer the next time.

One thought on “Hiking at Petit Jean

  1. I love these pictures of Petit Jean Park – Amy & Robert have been there a couple of times – maybe Ron & I can try it too. We love the waterfalls and peaceful streams and I think we would enjoy this park. Maybe in the fall…. Missing you….

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