The Top of Arkansas

The weather was predicted to be great today but with rain tomorrow so we headed out with the intention of seeing everything at this park before the weather turned.  Mt. Magazine is the highest peak in Arkanas.  Instead of just hiking up to the top, we hiked all the trails around the perimeter and took the trip up to the top last.  It turned out to be about 11 or 12 miles.  Nothing that particularly interesting along the way, but we did find several geocaches with Travel Bugs.

There is a map of the State of Arkansas made out of rocks with the Geological Survey medallion appropriately placed:

Here are the two geocaches.  One had a Jeep Travel Bug that is just travelling around.  The second one had a Travel Bug that is trying to collect casino chips.  We have at least one chip at home, so we’ll add it to the Bug and leave it at another cache somewhere.

On our way to finding the first cache with the Jeep Travel Bug, we stumbled across a very small pond that was filled with frogs.  At first I thought there were turkeys over the hill, but it was just a whole bunch of frogs making a racket.

One of the few highlights on the trail was Sunset Rock, but we aren’t sure why it is called that since it faces East.  There was a nice view, though. 

We have one more day here, but we may just be spending it sitting in the camper watching olympics.  Next we are off to Eureka Springs. 

P.S.  Alan has gone back and proof read all the posts I made from iPhone and corrected the typos.  I must need more practice typing with my thumbs!

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