Eureka Springs

We’ve enjoyed the last several days at Eureka Springs.  The weather has been absolutely fantastic – though I hear it has been raining back home (this is probably good news for our lawn).  Yesterday, we toured around the downtown shopping district.  It is really quaint and cute with a lot of interesting shops.  I would have to say it is much better than Hot Springs but without the authentic bath house to tour. The roads are all narrow and curvy.  On our way out of town back to the campground we followed our GPS right onto a dirt road.  There are a lot of really nice homes next to what I will loosely call “shacks”.  I argued that the shacks were probably occupied by starving artists – Alan thought hippies was a better description.    

They didn’t have a decent quilt shop in the whole town, though.  They did have a couple of those places selling (much too) cheap chinese made quilts.  Unfortunately, I caught one of them in this photo of one of the historic buildings:



They have a lovely central park area where the first of the Springs was discovered with a fountain and a band shell.  We even saw some “young people” playing hacky sack and a monkey doing tricks.

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