Kitties Everywhere

It started at the Quigley house.  There was a cute little black and white cat hanging out in the garden.  She was very friendly and wanted you to pet her (well me anyway – I’m not sure she was too keen about Alan.) 

Then we spotted the cat that was travelling with our neighbors at the Wanderlust Campground.  They had this little calico with them in their trailer.  She would sit at the screen door and then they would let it out on a leash!  She just kind of hung around and played in the grass and watched all of the dogs go by.  I got to talking to the lady – or listening to her would be more like it.  She had more stories to tell!  I heard all about her life story in no time flat!  FYI – the cats name was Flo-Flo. 

One thought on “Kitties Everywhere

  1. Love the pictures.. boy’s especially loved the cat and bug picture (they said – it looks like a leaf). Andrew was anxious to see a picture of you – but when I showed him the hiking pictures – he kept saying ” I can’t see her”. Sounds like you are having a great time. Thanks for sharing!

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