When we were travelling around Arizona and New Mexico we saw hummingbirds everywhere, so we bought a feeder in Albuquerque to travel with us on the road.  I had put it out once at Caprock Canyon but all it collected was a lot of bees.  When we got here to Mountain View there was a feeder on the porch of the check-in building with hummingbirds hanging around.  So, as soon as we got set up I boiled up some water and sugar and we already have hummingbirds.  It’s only been a couple of hours and they’ve found it already! 

It’s hard to get a good photo of a hummingbird and this is the best I’ve done so far.  Hopefully, we’ll have some sun while we are here and I’ll get a better shot. 

There was also a wood pecker in the tree next to us.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the elusive ivory-billed woodpecker, though!

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