Going to the Drive-In!

Alan spotted something about a drive-in theatre here in Mountain View that was actually showing a movie on a Tuesday night!  It took a bit to find the place (no sign, no lights) and we accidentally drove down someones driveway first.  They even still had old-fashioned speakers – if you wanted to use them.  We took the speaker, but the radio broadcast sound was definitely better!  The movie wasn’t bad, either. 

2 thoughts on “Going to the Drive-In!

  1. Boy, that picture sure does bring back many memories from “back in the day”. I didn’t think they still had those speakers around. What movie did you see? Be safe … Love, Mom

  2. We saw the latest version of the Mummy – which was just perfect for the drive-in. You wouldn’t want to see anything where the quality of the screen actually mattered;)

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