Mountain View

   Mountain View is the home of the Ozark Folk Center.  This was one of the places we were planning to visit as we headed into Arkansas.  Their mission is to preserve the crafts and music of the Ozarks.  Although the weather was threatening all day, we headed out.  We could walk a short trail over from our campground to the  Folk Center.  The path was a bit unexpected in that it went through what seemed to be an Enchanted Forest (or the Land of Lost Tchotkeskes).

There were people demonstrating all of the different crafts and selling some of their creations.  Of course, a woman was hand quilting and we saw basket weaving, wood carving, basket making, candle dipping and a blacksmith.  We also spent a half hour listening to the Folk Music.  It was a lot of fun and the banjo player was a blast to watch! 

Here is the Foot Lathe which is how they did wood turning before electric motors. 

The had a nice cabin and gardens that we enjoyed after the sun finally came out:

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