4 thoughts on “Sunflowers

  1. Reen – your flower pictures are absolutely wonderful. You could contract for National Geographic. Would love to see more hummingbird pictures – the one you took was so “cool”. It’s such a joy to view all your photography; being Obnoxious-Women-With-Camera myself. I’ll catch up with reading the journal as soon as I have time at home to read it all. Having problems with our PC at the time.
    Thanks for sharing, and safe travels!!!!!

  2. Thank you! That is a very special compliment coming from you! Your photos are always beautiful! I only post the good ones from the dozens I take. That was especially true with the hummingbird. I have literally dozens of shots that are blurry. Only about five were worth keeping but they are all pretty much the same.

    We had hummingbirds again here in West Memphis but we weren’t ready with the camera!

  3. Hey,

    September 30th

    Decided to check out your travels today. Love ALL the flower shots and nature, always my favorite.

    Glad your Mom’s OK, Reen.

    What was that bug sitting on the red surface? I sure didn’t recognize it or come across it before.

    We were at reunions in Princeton many years back and the 17-year locusts were out. They were everywhere and just piles of ’em on the ground, walking up tree trunks and flyin’ thick in the air with just one thing on their minds – mating!

    We’re off for New England in a couple days and a 2-week drive. Hope they have gas up there?!! It’s really in short supply here in GA after Ike.

    Love, Molly

  4. Decided to check out your travels today. Love ALL the flowers shots, ’cause I love nature. That bug sitting on the red surface was wild. Never saw one like it before. We’ve been around 2x when those 17-year locusts came out and were thick in the air, piles of them on the ground and crawling up tree trunks,etc. Creepy!
    Off to New England for a 2-week drive.
    Glad your Mom’s OK, Reen. Love, Molly

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