A Bad Day to Good Day

We’ve made it to our next destination, but I don’t know when I’ll get to post this since we only have Internet access on my iPhone.  We are now at Crane Creek State Park.  It wasn’t the easiest place to get to since first of all our GPS (and Google Maps) didn’t seem to think that it existed.  There was no sign of a Lake in the area. 

It turns out the Lake was only created in the early 80’s and the State Park had only opened in the early 1990’s.  It is a nice campground.  We are sitting right on the edge of the lake (the picture with my sewing machine in the earlier post shows the lake in the background through the trees.)  We are planning on staying at least four nights and maybe five.  We’ll head out to Little Rock and then onto Murfreesboro before getting home on the 2nd. 

I had spent this morning waiting to hear from my Mom who was in the hospital having some tests done.  That was part of the Bad Day that turned out to be a Good Day.  They didn’t find anything wrong and she is fine!  (But a note to all of my friends and loved ones – don’t drive yourself to the hospital when you think you are having symptoms of a heart attack!)

Now on to the second part of my Bad Day.  While taking a shower at the Bath House, I realized that my wedding ring was missing.  I didn’t have any idea of when I lost it except that I knew it was before I got to the shower.  I wasn’t too worried because I thought I lost it while making the bed this morning.  Well, it was no where to be found.  We completely ripped to trailer and truck apart looking for it.  From the photos, we knew I still had it at Mud Island but I couldn’t remember anything after that.  Finally, we are about to give up when Alan asks about an earlier incident with a lot of soap.

Our shampoo/conditioner/soap dispenser had come flying off the wall of the shower in the trailer on our bumpy ride across the back roads of Arkansas that we had to take to get here from West Memphis.  It made a huge mess with literally cups of various soap products in the bottom of the shower stall.  I didn’t want to wash all of that down the Gray Water tank so I had scooped it by hand with paper towels.  Alan thought maybe my ring had come off then with all of the soap.  I had put the broken dispenser in our outside garbage can so I went out to look in there and my ring was sitting RIGHT ON TOP!  (Somebody is definitely looking out for us when we are on the road:)  It hadn’t slipped down with the rest of the garbage, but was delicately balanced on top of one of the pumps! 

I will say an extra prayer tonight in thanks for it turning out to be such a Good Day on all fronts!

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