Flying Things Everywhere!

We really enjoyed staying at Crane Creek Lake State Park.  The campground was lovely and we had it practically to ourselves.  The first couple of days were very comfortable with the wind blowing (supposedly the remnants from Hurricane Fay.)  After that the bugs arrived!  There were gnats and mosquitoes plus the day we went mounting biking these things were absolutely everywhere.  It seemed like they left some kind of carcass behind.  We would often find hollow bodies stuck to things.   I thought they may have been some kind of pre-cursor to dragon flies.  They were very sticky.  You could grab them by the wings. 

The biting bugs were terrible.  Alan and I are both completely covered with red spots.  Usually, I’m the only one sensitive to insect bites, but that wasn’t the case this time.  We had to have our “smores” fire at 6 o’clock so we could get back inside before we were eaten alive!

 I wasn’t sure we were going to get any hummingbirds.  None showed up the first two days, but we knew they were in the area.  The Visitor Center had a feeder that had two hanging out all of the time.   Alan finally managed to get a couple of photos:

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