Mountain Biking around Crane Creek Lake

We are sitting in Little Rock with a barely manageable Internet connection so I thought I would catch-up on posting some of the pictures from Cane Creek Lake.  Here are a couple of photos from our Mountain Biking adventure.  I really loved riding in the woods.  It was a little muddy and that made some of the uphills tough, but riding in the woods on the downhills was a lot of fun (except for the bugs.)  There were several suspension bridges and part of the trail over the usually wet areas was actually planked.

Alan thinks that I’m smiling in this photo, but I’m really grimacing as we ride over the levee! We didn’t end up with any serious injuries – just a few bruises.  I lost it once going over one of the numerous bridges.  This one had a big spiderweb and I foolishly reached to brush off the webs while still on the narrow bridge.  I ended up with a nasty brush-burn on my knee caused by one of the 2×4’s that made up the bridge railing!  I guess this is a good way to learn how to keep both hands on the handle bars. 


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