Home Sweet Home

As I’m typing this we are in range of the house. I will publish it once we get off at our exit so y’all that worry will know that we made it home safe and sound.

Our last drive of this trip was uneventful. No rain. No traffic. No flat tires. (Alan rechecked the lug nuts on the new tire when we stopped for gas and inspected the other tires!)

The five-hour drive went pretty quick. I played solitaire on my iPhone for several hours and then we worked on a crossword puzzle for the rest of the trip. We usually try to avoid major highways but it doesn’t make much difference when you are driving at night.

We still need a name for this trip. The following are in the running:

– An iPhone goes to Arkansas
– Hummingbird Highway
– Tour de Arkansas
– Alan Sees a Bear
– Arkansa’ Palooza
– Where’s Mike Francis (weather guy in Little Rock) when you need him?
– All Around Arkansas
– Four Weeks in Arkansas

3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Glad to see you are home safe and sound. I was waiting to call to be sure you made it back with no Gustav problems. I’ll be calling anyway!
    I vote for “An IPhone goes to Arkansas.” Love, Mom

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