No Diamonds For Us

Just a quick update – I’ll post the pictures later. We spent the day playing in the dirt and mud. We didn’t find any diamonds (that we know) but we have a bucket full of pretty rocks. Two diamonds were found today – one 30 points which is probably worth around $300. We did have fun though and met some interesting people. Several were only there because they had left the Coast.

We have decided to pull out early for home to avoid any of the Hurricane Gustav remnants. Otherwise, we were going to have to get an awfully early start on the morning and take the longer, northern route home.

Now for another one of those bad news/good news stories. As we are getting ready to pull out, Alan goes to check the tire pressure and spots that the back passenger tire on the trailer has tread separation. This is now our third tire that has failed this way and we have less than 20,000 miles on the road. I will definitely be calling Airstream warranty tomorrow!

Now, of course the first really good thing is that we spotted it before we hit the road which made for a safe tire change. But, the spare tire pressure (which we just bought in West Memphis) was low. The good thing is that the Ranger drove by right then and he took us over to the maintenance yard where they had a compressor.

We are now on our way. We will be on I-30 at Hope within 15 minutes. I remember that my grandfather liked to drive at night so I’m sure he will be with us tonight!

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