Caddo Lake

We took the drive out Route 80 today for our extended weekend at Caddo Lake near Karnac. This was the weekend for the Route 80 Yard Sale. We saw a lot of garage sales along the way but didn’t stop. Alan had his eye out for tools the whole time. He did head back out to the Uncertain (this is the name of a town) Flea Market as soon as we got settled in the Park. I took a nap and my Mom went for a stroll around the campground.

We are in Spot 38. The weather is nice and cool but it is a bit buggy. Of course, we had to check out all of the available sites. The campground is pretty full with a lot of kids around. We almost switched to one of the available pull-through sites but we ended up sticking with our assigned site.

We’ve already planned on taking the “paddle boat” tour on Monday. Most, if not all, of the kids should be gone by then. They supposedly give you a nice tour if the Lake and explain all of the history of the surrounding area. Nearby Jefferson was supposedly an important Port during the civil war.

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