Paddle Boat Photos

We had terrific weather for the tour of Caddo Lake on the Graceful Ghost.  The Graceful Ghost is a steam-powered paddle boat.  Caddo Lake is really beautiful.  It is filled with Baldcyprus trees and lily pads.   Everyone in Texas has heard that Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in the State.  However, there has been a dam on the Lake since the early 1900’s.  Natural is a bit of stretch since the Lake was originally formed by a huge log jam on the Red River.  After the logs were broken up by the US Government (and Henry Shreve or Shreveport fame), the Lake levels dropped.  To preserve the Steam Boat routes that ran through Caddo Lake, a dam was finally built.  You can read more about the History of Caddo Lake here. 

One thought on “Paddle Boat Photos

  1. Reen – Again, your photographs are just wonderful!! I still feel that I am looking through a National Geographic. Caddo Lake looks like a place I need to visit some day. Thanks for sharing your experiences!!!
    Happy Birthday, again!! It’s so nice you make sure to share your birthday with your Mom. She said she had a great time camping.
    Take care, Reen and Al!!

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