Geocaching in Kerrville-Schreiner Park

Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather to go geocaching in the Kerrville-Schreiner Park where we are staying.  We had hiked in this Park when we visited last year, but there were some new Geocaches to find. 

The first cache (they have names by the way – this one was called “From Space” since the owner picked the location from a satellite picture) we visited wasn’t far off the road.  It was pretty new and well maintained so we decided to leave the “Iowa Bandit” travel bug that we had picked up in Arkansas.  We took the Hawaiian Dollar (you can see it in the photo of what was in the box).  We’ve been talking about coming up with something that we can leave behind that is “us”.  Alan said maybe he would turn some wooden coins.  I have an airstream rubber stamp that I could use.  Any ideas out there?

On our way out of the field we spotted some bones – probably deer. 

There are deer all over this park.  A lot of people were feeding them (which you clearly are not supposed to be doing) so they just hang around near the campsites.  It is kind of bizarre.  I saw a guy eating breakfast sitting in a chair with no less than a dozen deer only a few feet away.  There were a lot of babies and we only saw a few bucks. 

The second geocache wasn’t much.  The third one (Mavericks) was off the beaten path a bit along the park boundaries.  It almost ended up being a great cache for someone else because Alan left his hiking stick behind (he went back and got it.)  We did meet an interesting older couple geocaching as well.  They seemed new to camping but had a very nice GPS.  They had lived in Tucson in the past but he was military and they had moved to Texas and weren’t too thrilled.  As we hiked out, these two large white horses across the field spotted us and just stood there watching us for quite a while. Eventually they lost interest and went back to chomping the grass.

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