Boquillas Canyon Trail

big-bend-034We didn’t do much today after our big hike yesterday out to the South Rim.  Late in the afternoon we took a drive down to the Boquillas Canyon Trail.  A lot of the trail had gotten washed out in the recent floods.  The interesting thing about this Trail is that you can hike all the way down to the Rio Grande and look across to the town of Boquillas.  It was really more of an interesting walk than a hike. 


There were some items for sale that had been left by Mexicans along the shore.  In the past the Mexicans had crossed the border here to sell things to the tourists.  We did see a Park Ranger in the area on a horse.  According the Big Bend literature they give you when you arriver, there are also problems in this area with livestock crossing the river from Mexico. 


You can see how really big the Canyon is that the Rio Grande has carved over the years.  I couldn’t even get Alan and the top of the Canyon in the same picture. 


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