Window Trail


One of the cool things about Big Bend is Chisos (CHEE-sos) Basin where the Lodge is located.  It is at a higher elevation than most of the Park and completely surrounded by mountains.  It turns out that all of the water that is collected in the Chisos Basin leaves from one place – the Window. 


You can see an opening in the mountains from several places in the Basin but you can also take Window Trail out to the end of the canyon.  It isn’t too stenuous of a hike and some of the more rocky areas and stream crossings had stairs added by the CCC in the late 30’s. 


I thought the coolest part was when you got to the end.  The canyon had been narrowing and there was a small stream we were following.  Unexpectedly, the canyon ends and the water just falls off the side of a cliff.  You can see out for miles.  You just don’t want to get too close to the end. 




We enjoyed a nice lunch there, took a lot of pictures and listened to the sounds of the bubbling water.  The rocks where Alan was lounging in the sun looked sharp, but the water had rubbed them smooth.  We hung out until the next group of hikers finally arrived.  This was definitley one of the most popular hikes – for good reason!


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