Goose Island State Park

We made it the roughly four hours to Goose Island State Park near Corpus Christi yesterday. This is an interesting Park – half the sites are on the Bay and the rest are in the woods. We took a wooded site. The beach can be windy.

Today we took a nice bike ride around the Park and visited The Big Tree. It is a live oak (which I think means it doesn’t really lose it’s leaves – one of you native Texans out there please feel free to correct me.) It is 35 feet in circumference with a 98 feet span and more than 1000 years old. Pretty cool! There were also a bunch of other big trees around but none came close to The Big Tree. I’ll post pictures when we get home or near a wi-fi connection.

Not to gloat or anything, but here is Alan sitting out in shorts while he watches the pork on the BBQ. It is sunny and 80 here today. Hope y’all in the North East warm up and thaw out soon!

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