Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

We took one of our days at Goose Island and headed over to Aransas Nation Wildlife Refuge.  We thought we might get to see some Whooping Cranes but that didn’t exactly happen – unless you want to call two small dots in the distance, kind of moving around “seeing”.  We did see some other interesting wildlife that we weren’t expecting – including a lot of alligators. 

Resized 2009 Inaugural Trip 010_cr

Of course there was some of the more traditional Texas wildlife:

Resized 2009 Inaugural Trip 056

Resized 2009 Inaugural Trip 043

Resized 2009 Inaugural Trip 054_cr

Resized 2009 Inaugural Trip 012 Altered

Okay, here is the big grand finale – the whooping cranes:

Resized 2009 Inaugural Trip 071_cr

We got this photo from a very large observation tower.  If you really wanted to see the endangered whooping cranes, you had to take a boat ride and approach the birds from the Bay side.  You can read more about the whooping cranes here:

We did enjoy the Park and took a couple of short hikes around the Refuge.  The water was exceptionally clear.

Resized 2009 Inaugural Trip 060


We made it back home after a stop at Lake Sommerville.  I don’t have any photos because we didn’t do anything.  Alan fished for a couple of hours and I sewed but that was about it.  We never even took the bikes off the truck.  We did see a lot of vultures, though!  They even had a warning posted at the Visitor Center about them picking at your trailer if you weren’t careful. 

Final Tally:

  • 15 Nights
  • 3 Campgrounds
  • 1,157 miles

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