It’s pronounced nakitosh . . . We avoided the highway yesterday and stopped in this little town near the Red River.

We were considering spending two nights and exploring the town but the campground left a little something to be desired. The sites in the back were okay, but when we got in at 5:30 all that was left was in the front. The view from our site looked right into a truck stop. It was a little noisy but it didn’t keep us up – we were both exhausted after getting an early start and a relatively long day on the road.

We never did meet the manager or owner. They had closed the office before we got in so we paid our money in a little envelope. When we left this morning the office was closed again. There seemed to be a number of people living in this campground. We have seen a lot of road construction and we read recently that Louisiana has very low unemployment so people are probably travelling here for work and staying in their camper to save money.

We will cross into Mississippi today. We have reservations for the weekend at Natchez State Park near the Mississippi River.

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