An Unexpected Down Day

We extended our stay here in Natchez an additional day so that we could head back into Louisiana to tour a cotton plantation. Luckily we called before getting too far on our way. They are already in summer hours and close early. We weren’t going to make it there in time for the tour.

Now, we have one of those do nothing days that I enjoy. I’m getting my motivation up to do a little sewing but there are still a lot of gnats outside. I may just have to try my friend Lisa’s listerine trick.

I have pictures from our tour around town on Saturday and of the antebellum mansion – Melrose that we checked out in Sunday. But, those will have to wait for a real Internet connection.

Tomorrow we start our journey up the Natchez Trace Parkway. We plan to stop in Jackson our first night and maybe stay an extra night to do some sightseeing around town.

The Park here has a very dense forest. Here is the view just on the edge of our campsite.

2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Down Day

    1. I couldn’t find a spray bottle. I thought I had brought one to tesk this (we have the Listerine) but if I did bring it – I can’t find it. There aren’t that many places to lose things in our little trailer! I may pick a bottle up the next time we are in WalMart.

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