Back on the Trace

We spent yesterday visiting the Natural History Museum and the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museum. The Natural History Museum is right in the LeFleur Bluff Park where we were staying and there is a Nature Trail between the campground and the museum. I thought it would be fun to walk to the museum but the mosquitos thought otherwise. We turned around just after the first bend in the trail and ended up driving. It was a nice little museum. They had a lot of fresh water aquariums. I thought the giant alligator snapping turtle was the coolest even though he didn’t move at all!

Unfortunately, the historic town at the Agricultural Museum was a bit disappointing compared to the Agrirama in Georgia. Most of the buildings were run down and not being maintained. In Georgia, volunteers kept everything (like the saw mill and the grist mill) working. They did have a nice indoor museum with a bunch of biplanes used for crop dusting and a huge miniature railroad.

We are stopping at the Mississippi Craft Center this morning and then getting back on the Trace Parkway for destination Unknown.

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