We are staying at a lovely campground in Huntsville. It is right in the city, just like our campground in Jackson. This is nicer, though since it is up on Monte Sano in a heavily wooded area. We have to go through a lovely neighborhood to get there.

The unexpected thing about this campground is that they also have a frolf (frisbee golf) course laid out. This one is through the woods. We’ve seen people playing on it a couple of times already! Apparently, this is a popular sport in the South. It seems every campground has had a course.

Saturday night we went to the Von Braun Astrological Society Planetarium. (Von Braun was the head rocket scientist who came from germany after the war and designed our rockets and worked on the space program.) The planetarium is right on the edge of the park. We saw an interesting presentation on star clusters. Did you know there are two kinds of star clusters – globular and open? The place was packed with a lot of kids.

We also got to look through a 21″ telescope on the roof of the planetarium building to see Saturn. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. The rings and a couple of moons were clearly visible.

The story they told was that the dome of the planetarium was actually an old protective cover that had come off a hydrogen fuel tank used on a Saturn V rocket. For those of you not up on the space program trivia (or are too young to remember) – the Saturn V rocket was used in many of the Apollo launches including those that sent men to the moon.

This July is the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11. On Sunday we toured the NASA facility in Huntsville. They have one of the three remaining Saturn V rockets. All three have now been restored and are on display (Florida, Houston, Huntsville). I’m posting a picture of the replica Saturn V they have outside. I’ll post more pictures later. The rest of the museum was a little outdated but we still enjoyed it.

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