Saturn V Rocket

We saw a Saturn V rocket in Florida but I don’t think I completely appreciated it until I read a couple of books about the Apollo program. It was some amazing engineering and absolutely massive compared to anything at that time.

They recently restored one of only three remaining Saturn V rockets and installed it in Huntsville. The outside photo is just a mock-up. Hopefully, you can appreciate the scale from these photos (you can just see Alan in the bottom of the second picture):

Resized Mississippi and Alabama Photos 034_cr

Resized Mississippi and Alabama Photos 003

Resized Mississippi and Alabama Photos 005

The post-shuttle space program relies on a rocket very similar to the Saturn V – The Aries. These are scale models. The one on the right is the Saturn V. The middle rocket is for launching unmanned capsules with the one of the left launching a manned capsule (larger than the Apollo capsule). The whole thing looks a lot like Apollo – just updated with current technology.

Resized Mississippi and Alabama Photos 008_cr

2 thoughts on “Saturn V Rocket

  1. I told Frank that one of these days we need to head out in the trailer for FL when they have a launch scheduled. I’d LOVE to see something blast off the launch pad but you’d definitely need to allow for a bad weather reschedule, etc. And I gotta to with Alan, squish that black widow!

    1. We are definitely going to try and get back to Florida for a launch. We’ve seen one and it was awesome but we would like to be closer. Then, we would have to buy tickets and we would be committed even if there was a major delay. Luckily, hanging out in Florida isn’t really that bad!

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