Rock City

I am way behind in posting.  We left Chattanooga on Sunday and drove to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  We took the long way around and came through North Carolina even though we are staying on the North Side of the Park in Tennessee.  (For those of you that aren’t up on your geography – the Great Smoky Mountain National Park straddles Tennesee and North Carolina while Chattanooga sits on the very South edge of Tennessee at the Georgia border.) 


Resized Chattanooga Pictures 032While staying outside Chattanooga, we took one day to visit several tourist attractions.  One was Rock City (which is actually in Georgia.)  This place is supposedly well know because of a big campaign to paint more than 900 barns with the slogan “See Rock City” in nineteen states.  I don’t know how to explain Rock City except that it is kind of a maze through big boulders on Lookout Mountain with the ultimate pay-off of getting to the “See Seven States” bluff.  They can’t prove you can actually see seven states, but you can see pretty far. 

You can read more about Rock City here:

Resized Chattanooga Pictures 065

Resized Chattanooga Pictures 060

They have cute names for all the different areas of the park:

Resized Chattanooga Pictures 018

You make your way through all the different paths and across several bridges – one of which is this swinging rope bridge:

Resized Chattanooga Pictures 051

Overall, the place was kind of interesting but a bid over-priced.  We bought our admission as a group with the Incline Railway and Ruby Falls.  There is no doubt that Ruby Falls was the best of the three but you will have to wait to see those photos . . .

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