Ramsey Cascades

We finally got out and did some real hiking!  For our first day in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park we picked a hike that didn’t require us to drive very far and had a huge waterfall at the end.  It was identified as “strenuous” and they weren’t kidding.  We hiked about 8-miles round trip with a 2,000 elevation climb over some pretty rough terrain.  It was worth it though – I thought is was a beautiful hike.  We paralleled a rocky river for most of the way. 

The payoff was Ramsey Cascades – a 150′ tall cascading waterfall.  The parking lot was crowded and we saw quite a few people coming down from the falls.  So, we felt fortunate that we had the falls to ourselves for a few minutes before more hikers arrived. 

Resized Great Smoky Mountains Photos 005

2 thoughts on “Ramsey Cascades

    1. It was a great hike – probably one of the most beautiful mountain hikes we have ever done. My calves are a bit sore today!

      We aren’t staying in the park now but we are considering spending one night before we leave. The camping in the Park doesn’t have any hook- ups at all and we don’t have a generator so we will really be roughing it. We are still undecided about it.

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