Central Tennessee

We made the drive today from the Great Smoky Mountains, past Knoxville, towards Nashville, to the Edgar Evins State Park. They don’t take reservations here and we are only an hour or two outside Nashville so we were a little concerned about getting a spot. I called this morning and they said no problem. They were right – out of 60 sites, less than half are taken.

This is a really interesting campground. All of the sites are built into the side of a hill on concrete pillars with thick wood planking. It is all self registration. You go find your own site and then leave your money in an envelope.

All of the sites that were on the bottom level closest to the Lake were taken. This was kind of surprising because you didn’t have a great view of the Lake and you couldn’t easily walk down to the Lake from your campsite. We almost took a site near the end on that level that had a narrow view. Instead, we opted for the top row where no one was camping. We have five empty sites on either side of us and can’t see anyone below. (It turns out we made an excellent choice – there is now some kind of big party going on near where we were going to camp.)

While we are very happy with our site it turned out to be a real pain to get into. The hookups are on the wrong side and the road was narrow with a big culvert just where Alan wanted to turn. He did a good job getting us in and positioned correctly. Our power cable and water just reach and we still have enough room to open our awning with the picnic table on the side.

We are probably going to stay for the five nights that our tanks will allow (no sewer here.) We just got back from the showers and they were pretty nice. We enjoyed the Smokey Mountains but they were really too crowded for our taste (although our last day of hiking we had the trail practically to ourselves but that might have been the torential downpour – more on this when we have Internet and I can post a few pictures.) We will probably go back again sometime, though. We only explored one part of the Park and there is a lot to see.

We are looking forward to a few quiet days in the woods.

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