I have always loved the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. We even own a couple of coffee tables books with pictures of his homes and I’ve read a couple of books about him. We thought we would visit his school and winter home when we were travelling around Arizona but we never made it to Scottsdale.

The tour here was really pretty interesting. You got to tour through the school (where they still have an active program offering BS and MS degrees) and part of the main house, including the architect’s studio. This is one of the school buildings that still had a lot of FLlW’s original models.

Taliesin 004_cr

Taliesin 002We started at the Visitor Center which is also a FLlW-designed building. There was a very nice gift shop/book store and cafe in the building. It wasn’t a cheap tour. We ended up paying over $50 each for a two-hour guided tour, but it didn’t feel over-priced. I only have exterior pictures posted – they didn’t allow interior photos.

I really loved seeing the interiors in person but the rooms had a lot going on. As we often say in the quilt world – there weren’t a lot of places for your eyes to rest. The ceilings were also very low in some places. The whole things was very impressive, though. I am still a big fan.

This is the backside of the main house with some of the gardens.

Resized Taliesin 035

I was a little surprised to find that the buildings weren’t in great repair. The home is constantly undergoing restoration and the school is still being used with students living and working in the facility. Parts of the buildings were constructed in the early 1920’s and aren’t in the greatest shape. There have been several fires over the years and it seems that the architect was often more concerned with aesthetics than with quality construction.

Taliesin 033

Tomorrow, we are off to Milwaukee and a visit with my good friend, Pat!

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