Milwaukee, WI

We’ve made it to Milwaukee without incident. The campground leaves a little to be desired, but we didn’t have a lot to chose from. We have the benefit of being conveniently located near downtown and a relatively short drive to Oconomowoc. Cities don’t often have many campgrounds.

Right now, I am really loving Milwaukee. We just had an awesome dinner of perogies and pork cutlets with crepes for desert. Alan found a great “road food” recommendation for authentic polish food. It totally lived up to expectations. I am stuffed! Just for the record, the place was called Polonez.

I’m not sure what part of town we were in but we did get to drive through various parts of Milwaukee and past Lake Michigan. It is a nice town, as cities go.

I will post a picture of our great parking lot campground later. We are at the State Fairgrounds. Luckily, the fair isn’t until next week.

We are off to movies, now. I don’t want to wait until we get home to see Harry Potter.

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