Potato Creek Campground

We’ve made it to our next destination – Potato Creek Campground in Indiana. We thought it would be interesting to drive through Chicago – this was a big mistake. (We thought Sunday would mean the highways were empty.) We spent an hour or more in traffic and spent almost $20 in tolls. We should have taken the rural route detour.

We are committed to staying here through Friday. It is a large campground but it is laid out like the parks in Texas with a lot of space between the sites. Plus, we have the added benefit of only spending about $18 a night (way better than the parking lot which was $33.)

I spent the afternoon working on my “disappearing nine-patch” quilt. Pat helped me out big time with the layout. I thought I was going to have to rework the whole thing but she had a great idea for organizing the stepping stones by color on the diagonal. I think it is coming together quite nicely though I don’t have the optimal layout. Working without a design wall is tough. I should have spent more time sewing than talking at Pat’s – no, then again I would much rather visit with a good friend than sew any day!

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